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Downhour’s passions are quite ‘intoxicating’ - part 1
… Downhour - Part 2
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The number one rule with food and wine pairing is that you may drink what you like – always!  
That said, the following are just guidelines.
Muncie Star Press, 1/19/2014
The Downhours Run a 'Personal Winery'
What doesn’t go with chocolate?   I’ve paired Lindts
85% Extra Dark Chocolate with all styles of sweet,
off-dry and even dry wines – haven’t been
disappointed yet.

 As for chocolate cakes, chocolate cheesecakes
and chocolate brownies - my experience is that
most Ports (Chocolate Raspberry Port, Orange
Chocolate Port, Ruby Port, Coffee Port, White
Chocolate Port), red Ice Wines (Cabernet
France Ice Wine), white Ice Wines (Riesling
Ice Wine), or late harvest wines would all pair very
well with chocolate desserts!